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Planning for healthy snacks can help satisfy hunger in between meals and help keep you on the path toward your health goals.


  • Make your own snacks such as trail mix with unsalted nuts, seeds,,dried fruit (raisins),popcorn and a sprinkle of mini chocolate chips.
  • Prepare Snacks ahead portion snack foods into baggies or containes when you get home from shopping so they are ready to go when you need them.
  • Combine food groups for balanced snacks such as yogurt and berries,cheese stick,   whole grain crackers and cheese, peanut butter and apple.
  • Veggies are great for snacking spice up raw veggies with dips. Try dipping green, yellow,red and orange bell peppers in hummus or low fat ranch dressing.
  • Bring ready to eat snacks when you are out such as carrot sticks,small banana,medium sized apple.
























































































































Special Promotion

Mention you saw us online to receive 25% off your first visit.

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